Monday, March 8, 2010

I can't go for that - for president

Okay, so we were just listening to 'I can't go for that' by Hall and Oates and we we're all like "This might just be the most widely appealing song in the world". Like, Murray heard them playing it on an easy listening radio station at his corporate work job today and everyone stopped typing and hung up their telephones and started singing together and waving their index fingers at each other when it went "No can do!". We also played it in the club on Saturday night and the ladies were getting buck wild and dudes were taking their shirts off and air horns were sounding all over the place.
Also Murray said that he thinks it was the only song to be number one on the top of the pop and r'n'b charts simultaneously.
Best song ever? Ask your mum


  1. FYI EVERYBODY - Ben wrote this post on the Double Dragon Radio Show blog WHILE PERFORMING THE ACTUAL DOUBLE DRAGON RADIO SHOW on KFM (


    we are big H2O fans here in the Double Dragon universe, ben - maybe we should do a regular feature they have like 800 songs

  2. it's hard to underestimate how popular these guys were in the 80's. They headlined Live Aid for Chrissakes.