Saturday, April 3, 2010

EASTER SUNDAY SPECIAL - King Hannibal "The Truth Shall Make You Free" (1973)

Within the Christian community there's a full spectrum of opinion on the acceptabilty of rockin' out in favour of Jesus, but the argument can be broadly broken down into three positions.

Firstly, there is the obvious position that rock music is created and actively controlled by Satan in his worldly guise as record label honcho "Lew Siffer".

Under this position, God is strictly into old-timey music and rocking is not acceptable under any circumstances - not even to save a drowning friend.

Secondly, there are Christians who want to be able to listen to normal music but are generally more comfortable if the song lyrics explicitly reference the rejection of Satan and his works. However this music is mostly terrible for the many of the same reasons that mainstream music is mostly terrible, with the addition of an interpretational minefield as to whether the artists are singing about Jesus or their girlfriends at any given moment.



Then there is a third category, into which King Hannibal falls. These Christians learned how to rock out the traditional way - i.e. while strung out on heroin, murdering prostitutes and/or reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards. For these prodigal offspring, conversion may have changed their ethics it sure as shit ain't changed the way they throw down - hence King Hannibal's ode to religious drug rehab is laced with heavy rhythm, fuzz guitar and psychedelic delay drops on the vocals.

Have a happy, non-drug-addicted Easter.

King Hannibal - "The Truth Shall Make You Free"


  1. is that chick tract site actually for real?? it looks like it might be. Either way, whether parody or the real deal, it's INSANE

  2. real deal, it's kinda notorious

    about fifteen years ago someone was leaving the tracts lying around in my neighborhood so I can attest that they are a Genuine Thing