Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Silvio and Fausto

Been a bit lax with updating of late I confess, for those occasional readers who don't know me personally, I should explain that much of my time has been consumed by moving house and also organizing my impending wedding... such time available to me has been spent yelling at the ducks on my lawn.

(Turns out shrieking "DON'T YOU DARE SNEAK OUT YOUR BIRD TURD UPON MY LAWN YOU CRETINOUS MALLARD" tends to have the opposite than intended effect - more efficacious: sidling up to whisper the scientific name "Anas platyrhynchos" in their stupid little lizard-hole ears, they pucker right up and they don't come back)

So anyway after Silvio Berluscone's narrow victory in a confidence vote of the Italian parliament last week I had planned to photoshop a picture of him being orbited by a cyclone of Fausto Papetti album covers as a mildly entertaining and semi-racist salute to Italian lechery, but I couldn't get it looking right.

You escape the skewers of my satire for now, Mr Berluscone!

The other problem is that the only Fausto Papetti LP I actually own has just a dumb old saxophone on the cover:

Wah wah wah wah...
Fausto founded his very career on exploiting every permutation of the sax/sex pun to its outermost limit, whatever drove him to sign off on such a bland and bosom-less cover I do not know. Or indeed this one:

Everyone's tired of these nude models. I think the public really just wants to see my face at last.
The "A Saxy Portrait" album itself is nothing special but it does have one track that in the hey-day of my record collecting fever (the early '00s) would have been described as having a "DOPE LIBRARY-TYPE SOUND" and also containing "ILL STABS AND LOOPS".

Fausto Papetti - White Lady by doggziller

I welcome links to your favourite Fausto cover in the comments.


  1. I have to say this one is pretty hard to beat:

  2. The one(s?) with the lady grabbing her self under her bikini certainly take it to another level, though I wouldn't profess to know whether that's an upward or downward shift, not being a music scholar.