Friday, January 14, 2011

Song Chang Sik, S/T (1976)

I'm always wide open to foreign-language LPs, possibly because the capability to understand the lyrics of most songs often reveals how silly they are. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a couple of heaters on this suspiciously weepy looking album from South Korea.

The "sad clown" outfit was nearly a deal-breaker.
Production and mixing is a bit ropey but the bass at least sounds thick and that first moment after the "Slow Jam" intro when your boy's voice floats in is just haunting. Some nice progressive elements pop out of left field on these tunes also with unexpected synthesizer chirps, fuzz guitar and flute soloing all thrown into the mix.

Song Chang Sik by doggziller

I have no idea what the real names of these tracks are I'm afraid nor any clue to the content, but given that South Korea was under military rule at this time I like to imagine these songs circumspectly criticise the regime  through allegorical ballads about the shy, pretty girl-next-door being curb-stomped by riot police.


  1. after some googling and translating: I think the slow jam is called 'Birds', or 새는...for what it's worth :)

  2. dang, forgot to mention: great find dude!

  3. Yea~~! this dude is pure sickness!! he is a true gem. You are lucky you found it! more digging of this dude;s stuff is highly recommended :)

    (I tried to attach some songs of his here but didnt work)


    birds don't even know what they're singing about
    but they keep singing.
    birds don't even know where they're flying to
    but they keep flying.
    it resembles your quite eyes i saw long ago, really long ago
    it resembles your closed heart.

    there, there to the end of the sky
    they disappear.
    you disappear too with them
    and your fragile heart disappears too.